Vision Plan Introduction

Dear Friends,

This plan has taken fifteen months to come to fruition. It is filled with lots of dreams, prayers, and love. I hope that it is a clear representation of where God is leading this congregation. I know that if we are faithful we will find miracles occurring just when we don’t expect them.

The plan itself if based on a book entitled, “Weird Church” by Beth Ann Estock and Paul Nixon. Andrew Ponder Williams and I found it to be highly insightful and thought provoking. It informed much of our dreaming together and inspired us to hear what God has in store for Christ Church by the Sea.

Now, this vision of who God is calling us to be is in your hands. Now, it becomes a part of who you and your church are. Now, we must fulfill God’s vision for us.

God has been good to this congregation for many years; this vision continues God’s good works in this community for the next generations. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Pastor Joy