be a bright spot

Diana Hensley says, "During a conversation with my daughter Elisabeth about how to best support homeless and hungry families, she said, 'When life is tough, we need a bright spot in our day.'”        


We can all be bright spots. The bright spot is whoever, whenever, wherever, and whatever fills the empty spot in someone’s life. Both the giver and the receiver then become the bright spot. It doesn’t need to be a “Grand Gesture”, just something small that says, “You are a beloved child of God and important to me."

See someone waiting for a bus in the rain without shelter? Give them your umbrella and go get a new one. Seize the moment to make a difference in someone’s day. 

The focus for Bright Spot is on helping the homeless and hungry, but there are no limits on compassion. Everyone is encouraged to look for an opportunity to be a bright spot at anytime with anyone. 

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