Yoga Classes at

christ church

Seated Yoga

wednesdays at 10:15am

in the sanctuary

Seated yoga is a type of physical exercise or practice that has been adapted from the more classical styles of hatha or vinyasa yoga to be gentler on the body and more accessible to a larger population of yogis. Most traditional yoga postures require a practitioner to stand, sit, get up and down from the floor, lie down, invert, or balance throughout the practice. In contrast, Seated yoga is just that – yoga in a chair from beginning to end! It adjusts and modifies these traditional yoga poses so they can be done safely, easily, and with confidence while sitting or standing. It is a great form of exercise for those who find it challenging to get up and down, have smaller ranges of motion, or simply enjoy a softer, more mindful yoga practice. Still incredibly effective, Seated yoga can help you build strength, flexibility, mobility, and sureness on your feet. On a more subtle level, it also encourages a sense of calm, connectedness, and internal peace. 

This class is held in our Sanctuary for a sense of the holiness of caring for our bodies and minds.  

What should I expect when I come to class?

Yoga practice will occur in the pews! We will creatively use the pews as a prop for support. Class will normally be a combination of breathing exercises, breath & movement exercises, seated poses, optional standing poses, optional reclined poses, and relaxation. You are always welcome to rest at any point in class or modify a pose that doesn’t suit you. Please be on time to ensure you experience a complete practice and don’t miss any important instruction!

What if I’ve never done yoga before or have limitations?

No problem! Chair yoga is a great way to relieve tension and exercise regardless of whether it is your first class or you’ve been practicing for years. Plenty of instruction, options, and modifications will be provided so that, no matter your experience level, you can create practice that is unique to your needs and physical abilities. If you have specific physical injuries or limitations you are concerned about, please talk to your instructor directly before class. She can help you with the right modifications or adjustments to ensure each pose feels good in YOUR body.

What should I wear?

What you’re comfortable in! Wear clothing that you allows you to move fully, breathe easily, and sit comfortably. In yoga, we traditionally take off our shoes and socks. However, if you feel less steady barefoot, please wear a secure and supportive shoe during class. If you are comfortable barefoot but your feet get cold easily, bring a pair of socks with you so you can put them on if needed. 

What should I bring with me to class?

No props/supplies are required, but you may like to bring a blanket or beach towel with you to use as a prop or as a cover at the end of class. If you have shorter legs that often don’t reach the floor when seated, you may also consider bringing blocks, a couple books, or something sturdy to stack under your feet. For those who are capable getting up and down from the floor with ease, you are welcome to bring your yoga mat for use during final relaxation or to place under the pew during your yoga practice. Lastly, You may also like to have a water bottle with you. Please make sure your water bottle is resealable and spill-proof. 

Gentle yoga

wednesdays at 6:00pm

in goodell hall

This class encourages healthy movement, strength, and stamina.  

Gentle Yoga highlights the softer side of yoga to create an invigorating and calming experience for body, mind, and spirit that is safe and effective for a wider audience. This class combines seated (on the floor), standing, and reclining poses, all modified and adjusted to fit your needs.

This class is a great way to get active on Sunday afternoons while you move and breathe with fellow members of our community!

This class is best for those who are steady on their feet and able to get up and down safely from the floor.  Students from the Seated Yoga class who would like to participate can be provided with a chair so they can modify poses.

What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Water Bottle

Need a mat?  Many may already have a mat, but if not, yoga instructor Kristin can place a wholesale order for a mat she recommends. 

About our Certified instructor

Kristin Lee Geiger, RYT500 is a certified, registered yoga instructor and Newport Beach resident. She is a native of Iowa and spent time living and working in New York before settling in California. It was her years in New York that helped her truly understand the benefits of yoga and inspired her to share it with others through teaching. 

Kristin has experience with students of all ages, abilities, and levels of practice. As a teacher, she loves sharing the subtleties of yoga with her students, helping them grow in their practice at their own pace, assisting them as they learn to challenge themselves and safely redefine their “limits”, and inspire a sense of curiosity about their state of being. In addition to Christ Church by the Sea, Kristin teaches at various studios in the area and works with private clients. She created NAVAWELL as a platform to better serve the community and workplace.

Yoga class monthly package

We ask that you pay $40/month. This payment plan is a steady income for

the church and gives you 4 free classes per year!

Checks are encouraged at the beginning of the month so that

you can be credited on your giving account.