Christ Church by the Sea Endowment Fund

Christ Church By The Sea ministry has been a mainstay on the Balboa Peninsula for the last 138 years.   One of our first churches was a building on 24th Street that was destroyed by fire.   We have been located at our current property since 1933.  In the beginning, the church was just Goodell Hall, the sanctuary came in 1948 and the classrooms over the next few years to complete what we have today with an active church and school.  

Many people have come through the doors of the Church over the last 138 years, including people who were members, people who came for weddings/funerals, people who attended preschool or the after school programs, people who came for help with addiction, homelessness or just a friendly hug.  

Over the years many people have taken leaps of faith and contributed financially to continue the growth and ministry of Christ Church By The Sea.  It’s now time for us, as members and friends of the congregation, to take concrete steps to guarantee that Christ Church By The Sea will continue to remain a ministry for decades to come on the Balboa Peninsula.

Why an Endowment Fund?

The Christ Church By The Sea Endowment Fund has been established to provide a medium through which church members and friends of the congregation may provide permanent, financial gifts that will help support the future ministry of the church.

The interest earnings from these gifts, which may be cash or other assets, may be used to maintain the facilities and ministries of the church. An endowment gift may be made at any time, and is frequently made in honor or memory of an individual, or as part of an estate plan.

Endowment funds strengthen a church so that it may continue to empower its ministry even in difficult economic times. Because only the interest earnings are distributed for actual use, this ensures each gift will make a lasting contribution to ensure Christ Church By The Sea will be on the Balboa Peninsula for the next generation.

What Makes This Gift Different?

Our Endowment Fund is a permanent fund and only its earnings will be spent. When funds are available and distributed, they will support projects above and beyond normal budgeted items.  A contribution to the Endowment Fund is not a replacement of pledging to the Annual Budget Campaign.

Who Manages the Fund?

The Fund is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the Charge Conference.  Presently, the plan is to deposit Endowment Fund contributions from Christ Church By The Sea to the California-Pacific United Methodist Foundation which over several decades has averaged a 7% return.  If you have any questions, please contact Finance Chairperson, Cathy Saari.

Is an Endowment Fund Gift Tax Deductible?

Yes. Your gifts to the Christ Church By The Sea Endowment Fund are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes. Bequests, life income gifts and other donations of value are generally exempt from Federal Estate and Gift taxes.  You may wish to check with your tax professional before making a commitment.

Is My Gift Too Small?

Because all gifts are pooled in the fund, they have a cumulative effect making even the smallest gift significant. Every gift contributes to the overall growth of the principal amount, which compounds the return on investments.

How Can I Give to the Endowment Fund?

All gifts are welcome and each is important!  Examples of gifts that can ensure the perpetuity and expansion of Christ Church By The Sea and its ministries are: