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At Christ Church by the Sea, we believe that all people are of equal value and dignity since God loves all persons without exception.

Jesus taught us that we cannot truly love God if we do not love all of our fellow human beings as we love ourselves. For this reason, we seek to reach out to all who have been oppressed and marginalized in society and to welcome all who have been ill-treated or rejected by other churches.

Our church is open to all persons regardless of race or ethnicity, class or political affiliation, sexual orientation or gender identity, and religious background or spiritual condition.

If you or someone you know would like to speak confidentially with a pastor or request the help of our church in any way, please contact Pastor Paul:
Cell: 619-634-8020

You do not have to be a member of our church to avail yourself of our pastoral services. All of the pastoral services of our church are offered free of charge and without any strings attached.


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Let Us Answer Your Questions

What is Worship like at Christ Church?
Worship is the most meaningful time we have each week. Together we celebrate God’s love for all. Following worship we gather for fellowship and the opportunity to connect with all who join us.

What should I wear?
Christ Church by the Sea has a beachy casual worship style. Come as you are! Everyone is welcome at Christ by the Sea Newport Beach!

What happens during worship?
Our service is led by lay members of the congregation. The pastor offers a weekly sermon that helps us all to grow in spirit, love, knowledge, and faith.

What kind of music is offered?
We sing traditional hymns together that are led by our pipe organ and beautiful piano. We also have a talented choir that shares an anthem with us!

What do I do during communion?
In the United Methodist Church, communion is open to all people. You do not have to be a member or a Christian to receive communion. All people are invited to come forward and to receive bread and grape juice as we celebrate God’s love amongst us

Our Pastor Is A Theologian


Our Staff

A theologian is a serious scholar and teacher of faith.
A pastor is a person who understands the human journey.
He leads us in both.


Rev. Paul Capetz, Pastor

Paul Capetz is a native of southern California, having been raised in the Glendora United Methodist Church.  He is a graduate of U.C.L.A., Yale Divinity School, and the University of Chicago Divinity School.  He has worked as a parish minister, a youth director, a college chaplain, and a hospital chaplain, as well as a seminary and college professor.

After three decades of living elsewhere (in Connecticut, Illinois, Virginia, Minnesota, and Texas) he is happy to return to to his home in California and to serve as a minister in the Calfornia-Pacific Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.





Joyce Situ (AKA Tayo Joyce)

Joyce Situ (AKA Tayo Joyce) is an eclectic singer, songwriter, musician, composer and producer
from the Los Angeles area. She specializes in making synth-infused R&B music that combines
ambient, downtempo, neo-soul, jazz & classical genres. Outside of being a musician, she paints
vibrant artworks of people, landscapes & her emotions; illustrates, designs graphics and
participates in triathlons.

In grade school, she learned to play was the flute & played in the honor band for her school
district. In junior high she picked up singing in a gospel choir & learned how to play piano in high
school. Throughout college she continued singing in gospel choirs, and after graduating became
a lead singer in a pop, rock, R&B, and funk cover band called After Hours. Wanting to fulfill her
dream of writing songs & music, she learned songwriting, music sequencing, music theory,
composition & classical singing at Santa Ana College. She later joined The Rock Choir &
Worship Team in 2010 where she co-wrote “Imagine Love” in 2015 & was a vocalist in The Rock
Worship’s “God Will Reign” & “God Swears” live video & audio recordings. She also was a
soloist & section leader in choirs at Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church, Rancho Santiago
Canyon College & Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Los Alamitos.

Wanting to release & create more music, she was inspired to pursue music full time after taking
a music production course taught by Dave Isaac at UCLA Extension. In 2017, Tayo Joyce
learned how to record & produce music at Crē8 Music Academy, which is part of Westlake
Studios, while studying vocal performance at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. Shortly
thereafter, she released her first song co-written & co-produced with Chomby. She gradually
started writing, producing & releasing more songs on her own & with other skilled & talented
artists, songwriters & music producers, such as Flaviyake AKA Duck The Bass, Beezee, Brent
Baccetti, Shawn Graham, mesmi & FloSoul. And, in 2019, she started recording, mixing &
producing music for other artists as well, such as BagYo, Queen Esther Lumbala, Lorenzo
Casini & James Michael Wong. She’s also part of an all women music production & songwriting
trio called The Venuses, and is currently working on new releases after making a debut release
early in 2022.


Vincent Hans

Choir Tenor

Vincent Hans

Vince, a native Californian, has performed at Disneyland many times, mainly in the parades. Vince is also a computer programmer, and worked with DiscoVision Assoc., a company working on the cutting edge for “CD’s” and “DVD’s.” Vince has a wonderful tenor voice and can be heard yearly with the Lamplight Carolers at Christmas. Currently, he is a member of the Pacific Chorale.

Craig Davis

Director Of Music

Craig Davis

Studying acting and directing at Glendale Junior College, Craig found music to be his passion. Craig is an accomplished pianist and organist, studying the piano since age 7, and the organ, since 18 yrs old. Craig is currently singing with the Long Beach Chamber and the Pacific Chorale. He has sung professionally with the Roger Wagner Chorale, Los Angeles Master Chorale, and Los Angeles Concert Singers. Craig is an accomplished musician on the organ, piano, and hand bells.

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