Our History

Newport Beach’s First Church

Early Methodist records note that a minister was assigned to “Old Newport” in 1883. Since that time church services have been held in a number of places around the peninsula, including the McFadden Brothers’ Dance Pavilion and above the old jail. Later we were able to build our own church and parsonage on 24th Street. After a fire destroyed that facility we moved to a store room in the building that now houses the Spaghetti Factory, and then on to the home of one of the members. Our present property was purchased in 1931 for $11,600.00.

Our Sanctuary

A merger of the Balboa church and the Newport Beach church formed Christ Church by the Sea in 1932. The first building, Goodell Hall, was dedicated in 1933. For several years a boat taxi to Sunday services was offered for those folks living on the water. Our sanctuary was dedicated in 1948, and classrooms and offices were added over the years to complete the facility. Our current parsonage was built in 1960. As you explore our beautiful church be on the look out for nautical emblems featured in the architectural decoration of the Sanctuary and Goodell Hall. The olive tree in the courtyard is like those found in the Holy Land.