Light a Candle

Lighting candles is a scared ritual practiced around the world to symbolize unity and solidarity, among other things. As our nation and the world are facing this unprecedented pandemic, these candles outside of our church are meant to be a beacon of light that draws us together during these challenging times. No matter where you are, who you are or what your religion, you are a part of a larger group of people, and when we band together, we can overcome anything – even the coronavirus.  Our goal is to provide light where there is darkness and illuminate the human spirit. After all, we are all in this together!

We invite you to add a message or intention related to COVID-19/coronavirus to our prayer wall in order to provide a sense of power, connectedness and unity to people across the nation and around the world. When we come together as one, we will prevail!


This is a test prayer request.


Please pray for all those affected by Covid-19.


My family really needs hope & strength during this time. Please pray for us.


May we all find strength within us and keep hope alive.

Tom H

I just happened to be visiting the area with my girlfriend when we noticed that Paul Capetz was the local pastor.  My girlfriend studied with Pastor Paul when he was a professor of theology in Minnesota.  We decided to attend the Sunday worship service on February 16, 2020.  In addition to receiving a warm and friendly welcome from the congregation and from Pastor Paul, the service was spectacular, particularly Pastor Paul’s sermon.  Using Lincoln’s second inaugural address and readings from scripture as background, Pastor Paul gave a cogent and thoughtful sermon, which called upon all of us to come together as one people in these fractured political times.  Pastor Paul’s sermon was the best I have ever heard.

Julie Roehn

Prayer for all of the doctors and nurses supporting patients with Corona virus.

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